Update: The contest is still going on. Due to capacity, I never got around to doing anything with my entry–which is a good thing and a bad thing. Based on the competitors that I have seen, there is one that is clearly a winner in my book: His site isn’t flashy. It won’t win any awards for UX, but it has great content and is technically sound. I hope he wins.

If you are in the SEO community, you’ve no doubt heard about the $50,000 Wix SEO Hero Challenge. More or less, Wix has become tired of being seeing a bad content management system and they believe that they can build a site and outrank everyone else for a specific term–and the term that everyone is battling for is SEO hero.

For those that can outrank Wix and everyone else in the SEO guru world, the prize is $50k and bragging rights. I don’t really have to capacity to enter right now, but I can’t turn down a chance to win $50,000 either.

There are a lot of people complaining.

The rules are unfair. 4 months isn’t enough time to get a new domain out of the sandbox. The judge is unqualified to host this content. People are just going to Fiver spam each other to get one another disqualified.

I am actually concerned for that last one.  I think it is more or less a way to give themselves an out so that they don’t have to compete and lose. I won’t call him out by name, but there is one self-proclaimed SEO “god” in the community that when people asked him if he was going to compete, his only response was “ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.” I think he knows he can’t win with whitehat techniques alone, so he doesn’t want to compete. I don’t blame him. If you can’t build PBNs or buy links, it makes search engine optimization incredibly hard–especially when your competition is Wix and the rest of the world.

If you want to see more about what the SEO community has to say about the content, here is a great write up on it in Search Engine Roundtable (the comment section is worth checking out.

More importantly, if you want to jump in on the rat race and try your own hand at winning the $50,000, here is more on the contest and how to enter.

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